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Redesigning the levels and adding in a door/ change room system (12/9/2022)

You must Complete the quest that takes place in a castle by collecting all the valuable loot and keys are important. Be careful as you only have 50 lives before the great reset (not yet coded in)


W,A,S,D To move       R To Reset Player

SPACE to Jump           ESCAPE hide/see mouse

BUG list:

- No end or real goal

-Spikes have weird collision / sticking to the spike or softlock

- jumping and walking in different directions results in weird behaviour

walk animation gets interupted

sword not in hand

- Zooming is broken  (disabled for now)

-Jumping is laggy  

I am working on this game for the 

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags3D, Arcade, Female Protagonist, Godot, Horror, Incremental, Metroidvania, Retro, Short


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i was softlocked

idk why stupid dont let me post image, its say 

  • body: expected text between 1 and 20480 character

so the image is here

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Ohh, thank you <3  I will look into that first thing, I have an idea...

oh ya that is weird I'm not sure why itch did that


Jumping feels like it has a delay (even though it doesn't). To fix this, you should bind jump to space press, not space release.

You might also rethink the map design and door placement. Right now you can go everywhere with using nothing more than one blue key.

When you're moving and then jump while continuing to move, the walking animation stops and the character slides on the floor.

There are passages you can walk on while not being able to see your character. When you zoom in all the way, you can look through the wall in front of the character but it still doesn't feel good.

Some of what you mentioned is due to it being a puzzle inspired game, if it is annoying Ill add it to the list of changes.

I am looking into the jumping now

thankyou for the detail <3


the game has many bugs

yes its a game jam... are you going to be helpful and explain the bugs you found?


when I get down the elevator it crushes me and takes me between the floor

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Ahh yes I have seen this as well, I could apply damage and reset player location on being crushed, That may "fix" it

Thankyou <3

Deleted 61 days ago
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There will be

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lives = -1

oops XD